We are GrowthClub

We're a team of hungry data-driven growth marketers helping businesses build kickass brands on LinkedIn.

Founder & CGO

Adi Suja

Adi is the Chief Growth Officer and Founder of GrowthClub. He loves running experiments, writing and being proven wrong. The last one was a lie.

Content Manager

Abhinaya Koshy

Abhinaya is the Content Manager and chief grammar nazi at GrowthClub. She manages all the kickass content creation we do for clients at GrowthClub

HR Manager

Asha Ranjan

Asha is our fairy Godmother at GrowthClub- She handles people management and recruiting and also doubles as a growth hacking analyst at GrowthClub.

Process Manager

Uday Chander Reddy

Uday is the Accounts and Process Manager at GrowthClub- he acts as the bridge between clients and the growthClub team and oversees process engineering work.


Graham Taylor

Graham is our resident sales leader. He acts as the gatekeeper to all business who reach out to us for our services. Wondering how we can help you? Hit him up on LinkedIn.

Video Head

Nikhil Hiranandani

Nikhil is the Head of Video at GrowthClub and doubles as our creative design lead. He nags Adi everyday on why he doesn't do more videos.


Shalini Murthy

Shalini is our resident Growth Hacking Analyst. She oversees content publishing and growth experimentation setups at GrowthClub.


Aayush Priyank

Ayush is our GHA and our resident personal development coach. He’s a master at habit-setting and behavioural psychology and helps us inch closer to our goals everyday with a get shit done attitude.





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